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  • Name: Aluminum Alloy Shutter
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  • Time: 2015-04-29
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1. Insulation, sound insulation, thermal insulation: when slats are totally closed, erosion of wind and rain can be effectively prevented; it can also insulate outdoor high temperature, and more effectively reduce the noise by more than 30dB.
2. Sun-shading, lighting, ventilation: refraction strips on slat surfaces can refract solar rays; by adjusting the opening angle of slats, the requirements of  indoor lighting and ventilation in different seasons can be met. When the opening angle of slats is adjusted to 90°, the maximum ventilatory volume can be reached indoors.
3. Privacy: when slats are opened at the angle of 10-25°, outdoor peep can be effectively prevented.
4. Antitheft: with a special structural design, it has the effect of antitheft.
5. Firefighting smoke exhaust: after electronic control system is mounted, it can carry out fire control linkage, to achieve the function of firefighting smoke exhaust.

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