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  • Name: Aluminum Alloy Awning Windows
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  • Time: 2015-04-28
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1. It can adopt domestic famous-brand and imported accessories, and be opened lightly and easily without noise.
2. It can be equipped with single glass or laminated glass; if it is equipped with insulated glass, the optimal sound insulation effect can be achieved.
3. It does not occupy indoor space, and can ventilate and exchange air comfortably and naturally.
4. It has high security antitheft coefficient, and a sound insulation function.
5. The frame is connected with the sash at 45º, realizing the features of safety, firmness, as well as attractive and elegant appearance.
6. Made of EPDM, the sealing strip is difficult to age, durable in use, as well as high in sealing performance and water resistance.

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