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  • Name: "ROCKY technology" allowed landing three new board
  • Time: 2015-04-21

February 11, sent a letter to the National SME share transfer system, agreed to Qingdao Luck Glass Technologies Limited in the share transfer system listed, the Division I become the country's first glass deep processing industry approved landing three new board company.

National SME share transfer system (commonly known as the "new three board") is a national securities exchange approved by the State Council, the National SME share transfer system limited liability company for its operation and management mechanism. Business purpose is: adhere to an open, fair and impartial manner, improve the functioning of markets, strengthen market services, maintaining market order, and promote innovation in the market, investors and other market participants to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the subject, and promote the healthy development of the OTC market, promote private investment and development of SMEs, effectively serve the real economy. Business areas: the organization of non-listed shares of the company's public shares transfer; unlisted shares in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions and other related businesses to provide services; provision of information, technical and training services to market participants.

Three new board of listed companies have proposed strict requirements, Luck shares in April 2014 to launch a new three-board listed business, after 10 months of hard work, finally approved. After listing three new board, will be the company's governance structure, financing, brand reputation, etc. to produce a series of positive impact.

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